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Upper door Window latch kit

170,00  209,10  inc.VAT

Upper door window latch kit

designed to lock fiberglass doors, and polycarbonate windows in cars prepared more professionally for all kinds of motor-sports.

The system allows the locks to be opened and closed from both inside and outside the vehicle

The whole system is made by cnc bending, stainless steel material, in order to facilitate the installation, we will send each customer a pdf file with the location of the holes

The system consists of:
2x main lock
2x bent rod to be welded onto the frame (or safety cage)
screws for mounting on the window

A short video of how the system works in your hands


if you live in the UK and need to get your shipment quickly, we invite you to the store of our representative:
Ruski Weld Fab


this is how it is assembled:

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