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R32 3,2V6 Audi/VW sport camshafts set

1.550,00  1.906,50  inc.VAT

A set of sport camshafts designed to get the most power at high rpm, the shafts tested on one car in the same engine setup.
Choice of two types of shafts:

Stage 1
280/275/11mm lift
combining the advantages of a street car with gaining power at higher revs

Stage 2
280/284/12mm lift
shafts designed to create extreme power, characterized by very long opening times, and high valve lift

– the shafts can work with factory VVTI systems, but they can also be successfully set manually to achieve user-specified parameters
– the shafts are designed for hydraulic valve lifters
– due to the fact that each engine is built differently, correct setting of the camshafts is up to the installer
– the chart is an example of Stage 2 camshafts characteristics, the car to get 700hp on serial camshafts required 1.7 bar boost, it is not a guarantee to get the same power
– lead time for camshafts is 8/10 weeks after payment

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