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R32 3,2V6 Audi/VW mechanical fuel pump adaper set

1.320,00  1.623,60  inc.VAT

Mechanical fuel pump adapter set for R32 (3,2 V6 Audi/VW)

The kit contains elements to enable the transfer of power from the camshaft (exhaust) to the mechanical fuel pump from Kinsler, pumps of this type are characterized by very high efficiency, which allows the use of fuels such as methanol, and do not overload the electrical system in the car, the kit is designed for professional motorsports

set includes:
– timing case
– housing cover (allowing adjustment of camshafts without the need to unscrew the entire housing) with the option of mounting a Kinsler pump
– one camshaft adjustment camshaft wheel (there is an option to buy both wheels at once)
– a drive kit for the pump, consisting of; an attack wheel on the camshaft side, a wheel taking drive from the pump side, and a vibration damper connecting them

assembly requires checking the distance and alignment of individual parts

the kit DOES NOT INCLUDE a Kinsler mechanical pump
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Note: the housing is intentionally higher due to various engine head heights, it is necessary to adjust the housing before installation.

Note2: You need to order REVERSE ROTATION fuel pump

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